10 Things Every Makeup Artist Needs to Know to Make it in The Bridal Industry

Many makeup artists in the bridal industry share similar concerns.  Will I be able to book brides?  How will I find them?  How do I stay on schedule the day of the wedding?  Will the bride and the wedding party be happy with their final looks?  Do I have the right products in my kit?  If you are a MUA asking yourself these same questions, keep reading as you are not alone. Many freelancers (including myself) feel or have felt this exact same way!

In this industry I have seen some great makeup artists and hairstylists for that matter do some amazing artistry but never be able to book a bride.  Why?  What happened that lead the bride to go in another direction? I have also seen just the opposite happen where some makeup artists run a great business but lose the client at the trial because the bride was not happy with the end result.  Why? Were you truly listening to what they wanted?  Was the look they wanted executed?

Once I made the decision to become a makeup artist I never looked back.  For one, I knew I was going to have to hustle to make it all work.  Freelancing and running your own business IS hard work. It takes discipline and consistency. I started out by first developing a solid business plan. I set realistic goals and pushed myself to move quick and effectively.  I made investments in my artistry as well as in business education. I worked with some great celebrity artists, became a licensed esthetician, hired a business coach and invested in business tools that helped me to streamline my back office.  To be as effective as I possibly could, I implemented some strategies that were essential to growing my business. Two of which are: Networking and developing a signature style.

  1. Networking. My background in HR and recruiting definitely helped me with this but when I first started in the industry, I reached out to anyone and everyone. I connected with other makeup artists looking to see if they needed assistants or if they needed another artist to join their bridal team. I talked to photographers and models to see if they wanted to team up and do a styled shoot or trade for print.  I joined the powder group and other local Facebook groups to find out what was happening in the industry.  It is SO important to connect with people in the industry as you never know what opportunities will arise or simply what your will learn!
  1. Develop a Signature Style. “Style is defined as a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.”For example, Taylor Swift’s red lip is her signature style.  Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic has a very specific signature to how he approaches her makeup.  My signature style is natural makeup.  It’s what I love to do most. I take one of my client’s best features and make it “pop” while keeping everything else clean and natural.  Whether your style is more dramatic, natural, theatrical, or whatever the case may be, perfect it and showcase it.  It is how your potential clients will identify with you and your work. It will help you book exactly the right client, leaving the guessing game of whether you are a fit to work together and they will know EXACTLY what you can do for them!

These are just two of the strategies I use to run my business. For the rest of my checklist, 10 Things every Makeup Artist needs to know to make it in the bridal industry and to download it for free, click here.

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