7 Advantages To A Hair Stylist Learning Makeup Artistry!

I have had so many brides ask me if I offer hair services as well as my makeup services?  And if I don’t, which I don’t 🙁 but wish I did 🙂 (ummm can I go back to my 20’s please?!) do I know a hair stylist who does great bridal hair?  Thankfully I do! I partner with a great hair stylist and in 2019 we worked 20+ weddings together.  This is the very reason why we are venturing into a partnership in 2020! It is because of the value it brings to our brides and clients.  It’s pretty simple. Brides want a beauty team they can trust on their wedding day.

Being a vendor for a bride is an amazing experience. So many brides come back to me and say “getting ready” was one of the best parts of their day.  The experience of having all their loved ones together in one room for the most important day of their life.  The ease of having vendors that work together making sure things are on schedule and everyone is ready to walk down the aisle on time.  It can get stressful at times when there are numerous vendors in the room (photographers, videographers, and florists to name a few) being the only beauty team in the room and having control of what is going on is surely going to make every aspect of the “getting ready” experience that much more enjoyable for everyone involved!

During my consultation call with brides we discuss the reason they want to hire a professional makeup artist for their wedding day. I typically get answers like “I want to look like my best self and need help executing that”.  They continue on to say things similar to, “I love my hair stylist and want someone who can deliver a similar vision and style”.  Imagine you were a hair stylist who could deliver both services to your client?  The trust is already there. You could eliminate the need for them to look elsewhere when hiring their beauty team.

If you are a hair stylist in the bridal and beauty industry, think about leveling up your offerings and learn makeup artistry.  As of now in the state of Massachusetts, it is not required to have your esthetics license to become a makeup artist. All the more reason to do it know!

Expertise in both fields will put you in high demand.  Offering both hair and makeup will make it easier and more efficient for the bride, and give you a higher success rate gaining clients. I have seen it happen numerous times, believe me (again coming from a girl who only does makeup lol) if a bride is getting prices for hair and makeup they are 10x more likely to go with a vendor or team who offers both. There is just more of a demand. If anything they do it for the ease and peace of mind. Can you say one stop shopping? Imagine a bride being able to check two things off their never-ending list of things to do?!

Another major benefit you will see is profitability.  When you have more services to offer, you will make more money.  Not everyone in the wedding party will want their hair done and not everyone will want their makeup done but I can assure you they will want one or the other.

If these two reasons aren’t enough click here https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/i6c1y6 to learn all the reasons why a hair stylist in the beauty and bridal industry should learn makeup artistry!

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