The New Makeup Artist

When I first started out in the world of makeup artistry I remember feeling completely overwhelmed.  I was so excited and my creative juices and passion fired up but I wasn’t sure where to begin.

In the United States the cosmetics industry is worth almost 100 billion, with 1 million employed in the services section of the industry.  Sooo I guess this overwhelming feeling was justified??

There are many avenues to explore in this 100-billion-dollar industry.  Retail, Film and TV, Celebrity and Red Carpet, Theatrical, Mortuary, Reconstructive, Bridal, Freelance and the list goes on…

Let’s focus on Freelance where there is a world of opportunities.  The ability and freedom to work for yourself and start your own company are two of the advantages of being in this part of the workforce.

Here is how to start a career in Makeup Artistry.

Get a professional education.  One of the biggest steps I took to start my career off on the right foot was getting a professional makeup education.  I received one on one training in every aspect of makeup. My focus was bridal and beauty because I knew that was the direction I wanted to pursue. I learned everything from brushes, to foundations, creams, shadows, highlight, contour, color theory, false lash application, and proper sanitization techniques.

There are many self-taught artists out there who have learned their craft by watching YouTube videos and have went on to have successful careers.  That being said, I think this is an anomaly. Getting a solid foundation from a classroom setting that includes hands on learning is the key to success.  Becoming a master makeup artist requires a professional education followed by practice, practice and more practice!

Join a freelance team.  Part of the reason I chose to freelance was because I wanted the freedom and flexibility to do what I wanted.  Once I completed my education I went and worked for another freelance company.  It allowed me to practice my skills while getting paid at the same time.  I was able to learn from other artists and focus on my #1 goal at the time which was to improve my artistry skills. Working in the bridal industry comes with a lot of pressure and it helped me to learn how to stay on task and stick to a schedule.

Test Products. I can’t tell you the importance of testing products before adding them to your pro kit!  I made the major mistake of purchasing every product that I saw or came recommended to me. What I didn’t realize at the time was not every product that works for others will work well for you.  We all have a different hand and style so you need to test products to make sure they are worth your money before making the investment.  Of course, there are some products pros can’t live without (hello Laura Mercier translucent powder and Inglot gel liner).  Tip. You should test everything on yourself before using on your clients!

Starting a career in makeup artistry can be exciting and overwhelming. A solid foundation and lots of practice combined with your passion, dedication, and hard work will lead you to a very rewarding career!

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