Here’s Why A Professional Makeup Artist Is Essential For Your Photoshoot

I’ve been a professional makeup artist for nearly 10 years and I’ve seen a lot in those years. One thing I see too often is skipping hair and makeup services to save a little cash. I get trying to save money, I really do, but to get the most out of the money you are spending on a photographer, you need the pros before getting in front of that camera. You (or your BFF who loves makeup) most likely don’t have the knowledge or skills for on-camera makeup! If you’re considering skipping a beauty team, here’s why hiring a professional makeup artist is essential for your photoshoot.

Photo Makeup vs Everyday Makeup

First, photo makeup is very different from everyday makeup. If you hire a professional photographer for your wedding, photoshoot, or special event, you should hire a professional makeup artist too! A professional makeup artist knows how to make your favorite features stand out and get the look that YOU want. They also know what products will work and stay all day vs ones that will smudge with the first kiss or melt after 10 minutes under the lights. 

Makeup artists know what looks good on camera too. The everyday makeup that you love, may not look the same in photos. You need a professional to bring that look into your photos. Looking your best is one thing you do not want to be stressing about during your event or special day. You want to feel confident and relaxed in front of the camera to get those amazing shots!

Quality Beauty Products

Another difference with a professional makeup artist is quality. Professional grade beauty products do make a difference when you want your makeup to last all day. Makeup artists know what works and what doesn’t. They know how to prep your skin for the right makeup and how to apply it correctly to give you just the look you want that will last till the last photo is taken. Product quality and the application process make a huge difference here. 

Is That “Natural” Look Natural?

Even if you want that natural “look” on camera, you need a professional. It often takes more makeup and application skill than you would imagine to look natural. How it will look through the lense is not the same as what you see in the mirror. A professional makeup artist knows the difference. How to highlight your favorite features and downplay others is what they are trained to do. For example, a professional makeup artist has the skill to make your eyes pop on camera but still look “natural”. Having the right camera-ready makeup can make all the difference in getting those shots that you will love forever.

The Pre-Event Trial

Whether you are considering a makeup artist for your wedding day, a brand photoshoot, senior photos, or any special day, a trial is essential to making sure you get the look you want. This gives you and your makeup artist the opportunity to discuss how you want to look and play with some ideas to see what you love. Without a trial, you could end up adding more stress to your big day. That is one thing you want to avoid! 

A second benefit to a trial is to get to know your beauty team. While getting your look down just right is very important, so is making sure you vibe. Your beauty team is usually some of the first people you see the day of your special event. The rapport you have really can set the tone for your big day or photoshoot. You do not want to spend 1-2 hours of beauty prepping feeling down, bored, or negative. The more comfortable you are with your beauty team, the better your mood will be going into your event. So during your trial, think about how you vibe with this person and whether you want to spend that time with them before your big day or photoshoot. 

Hiring A Beauty Team During COVID

Having a beauty team for your special day can be a bit more challenging during the pandemic. Make sure they are being safe and have the proper COVID certifications. Always ask those questions.  If you are still not comfortable with it at this time, there are other options to help you get the perfect look for the camera. Most makeup artists will also offer virtual lessons. A virtual makeup lesson could look something like this: 

  • Start with a questionnaire you fill out to dive deeper into your personality, your vision for the special event, your favorite features, etc. This will help the makeup artist create a look just for you.
  • Next would be a virtual consultation. We would take time to go over the questionnaire and then dive into a virtual tutorial on how to apply the products so you can create the look yourself. 
  • Once you are satisfied, the makeup artists will create a personalized face chart of all the products you used and where/how to apply them.
  • Last, the makeup artists can purchase the products you need and have them shipped directly to you. 

The Bottom Line

If you have a special event or photoshoot coming up, I urge you to hire a makeup artist in person or virtually. They can make sure you get the exact look you want without all the stress! 

To book an in-person or virtual appointment, or to learn more about my professional makeup services, contact me here

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