Your Essential Bridal Makeup Kit

In my previous blog, DIY Bridal Makeup, I mentioned to make sure you had a touch up kit on your big day. Now let’s get into a little more detail on why you need one and what’s in it – and don’t forget to download my entire DIY bridal makeup checklist – Download it for free!

You want your wedding day makeup to stay fresh all day and all night. Let’s make sure you have that beautiful glow in every picture! One option is to hire your makeup artist to do touch ups during the day. This is always the best way to guarantee that fresh look in all your photos but if you are already doing DIY makeup that day then you will probably prefer to do your touch ups yourself too. 

The next best thing you can do is to have your touchup kit handy when you need it. This job is something I usually suggest brides nominate their Maid of Honor for. To make sure your touchup kit is ready when you need it, have your MOH hold onto it. She is typically by your side most of the day and will be able to keep track of it for quick touch ups. You can also ask her to keep an eye on your makeup throughout the day and let you know if your mascara has run after listening to that heartfelt speech or if you smudged your lipstick after hugging your Dad.

What should be included in your touch up wedding day kit? 

Here’s everything you’ll need for touch ups and any makeup emergencies on the big day:

  1. Blotting papers. These are great for blotting sweat as you dance the night away! No need to worry about getting too shiny if you have these in your kit. Always remember to blot (or dab) don’t wipe. My favs are NYX.
  2.  Qtips. There are so many uses for Q-tips!  I use them most to clean up under the eye when eyeliner or mascara run. Really they are great though wherever your makeup might go rouge and they won’t smudge the rest of your look. Try dabbing them in water and blot not wipe when cleaning up smears. 
  3. Tissues are a must to have on hand. Please don’t use them to wipe though and ruin your makeup. Make sure to blot those tears away instead!
  4. Lipstick/gloss. You will need to touch up a few times over the course of the day. Having some lip balm on hand is a good idea too. 
  5. Disposable lip brush. They make lipstick touch ups easier!
  6. Powder. Translucent powder is great to have and use in areas like the t-zone before photos. Rimmel has a great powder. Make sure to throw in some puffs to apply your powder with too.
  7. Lash adhesive. If you are wearing false lashes for the big day, this one is a must! It is often overlooked but can be a lifesaver if a false lash starts to lift. Put it in there just in case! The one I love to use is Duo.
  8. Setting spray. Great to have on hand to use throughout the day and night. Whenever you do a touch up, use it to help set it and make your makeup stay longer. It not only helps refresh your makeup but will wake you up too! 

Now that you know what to put in your touch up kit, do you want my entire DIY bridal makeup checklist? Download it for free!

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