Hey Girl, It’s Ok To Wear Makeup!

What is the one thing you can say to me about makeup that will completely drive me crazy? “You don’t need makeup” or “She doesn’t need makeup”.  Please never say that around me… it literally makes me nuts! It’s not because you would be discrediting my job that drives me crazy but rather it’s because why someone wears makeup isn’t usually because they need it. That’s NOT the point of makeup.  Don’t turn makeup into a negative thing and please don’t make what someone looks like all about you! Most people don’t wear makeup because they want to impress you, most wear makeup because THEY like how it looks and how it makes them feel.  Maybe makeup is fun for some.  Maybe they are covering up a scar that they are not comfortable with.  Maybe they just want to wear it. And hey girl…is 100% ok to wear makeup!

Last year, I went to a week long class in Portland, Oregon (ah traveling pre-COVID, how I miss you!). During one of the sessions with Eugenia Weston, the owner of Senna Cosmetics, she discussed the aging process as she was doing makeup on a “mature” client.  Eugenia discussed our skin and the various stages from infant to adulthood.  When we are babies our skin is plump, clear, lifted, and beautiful.  How many babies have you met and all you want to do is snuggle their beautiful rosy cheeks? Untouched by the environment and of course most likely the best it will ever look AND feel in our lives.  

As we age our skin doesn’t look the same. While that’s ok and we are still beautiful, it’s also ok to want to put our best features forward and highlight them with makeup. Sometimes, particularly as we age, the goal of our makeup is to look like we aren’t wearing any makeup. Using coverup to hide our dark under-eye circles or other “mom” scars or to using powder to blot out our shine. Practicing this type of self-care can make us feel more confident and better about ourselves.

Makeup As An Accessory

Makeup is not a requirement, just as having a bare face is not either. Makeup is like an accessory. It’s like a piece of amazing jewelry or a great pair of earrings.  It’s a form of self-expression. Putting on our favorite accessories can make us feel fabulous and it’s ok for makeup to make us feel that way too!

Women in their 30’s and 40’s often don’t take time for themselves. As a busy business owner and mother myself, I slip into this category sometimes too. When I do put on makeup it boosts my mood and makes me feel great. For many women, makeup is a form of self-care just like taking a hot bath, getting a massage, or getting your nails done…all things that make you FEEL better.  

The Beauty Comfort Zone

It’s also fine if you just don’t have time or have never cared for makeup. The point I’m making is that if you do care, it’s ok and it’s worth your time to put on a little lipstick or add some eyeliner and mascara to your daily routine. Do what makes you feel good!

I like to call this your beauty comfort zone. The beauty comfort zone is different for everyone but it’s about when you feel your most confident and the self-care things you do to get there. My best days are when I have a really good workout, wear a pair of jeans that fit,  have time to blow dry my hair, and do my makeup.  I just feel better and that girls…is 100% ok!

There is no shame in wearing makeup. Do what makes you feel most confident. Stay in your own beauty comfort zone because it’s not about pleasing anyone else but yourself.  Whether that’s no makeup, a full face of makeup, or anywhere in between. What is your beauty comfort zone?  Tell me on my latest Instagram post!

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