Set Up Your Makeup Station For Success!

From looking professional to being clean and organized, setting up your station before you start any makeup is essential for every makeup artist. Having your products, tools, and supplies at your fingertips will help you save time and stay on track.  There are so many advantages to packing your kit efficiently too. Read on for my best tips on station setup that can even help take your business to the next level!

A Makeup Station That Works For You

First, find a system that works for you. What works for one makeup artist may not work for another. Setting up your station so it makes sense to you and how you do makeup is key. Some things to think about to help you find what works for you:

  • Are you right-handed or left-handed? Make sure you set up your station on the appropriate side so it’s easy to access everything. It sounds simple but easy to forget!
  • Set up in order of how you do makeup and how you apply it. This way you can go down the table with each step. 
  • Have an extra brush holder to put dirty brushes in. Keeps everything separate!
  • Make sure you are comfortable, your chair is where you want it, your light, and your tools are easily accessible.  If you are organized and comfortable it will make all the difference.

Once you know how to set up your station, make sure you arrive early! Taking the time now to set up your station correctly will save you so much time later in the day. I promise it pays off in the long run.  Knowing where everything is and not feeling stressed fumbling around for products can make or break your day. You will not only feel better about the day but you will look professional to your client. 

The Right Space For Your Makeup Station

Whether you are on a set, at a hotel, or in someone’s home, Make sure you find a space where you can work.  You won’t always have the perfect space to set up but you can find a spot that works best for you. After a few times, you may perfect your setup according to small, medium, and large areas to set up. When you have a small area, prioritize what you need. 

The type of space you choose to set up in matters too. Although I always bring my makeup light, I typically look for space near a window with natural light which is always the best lighting to apply makeup.  I also make sure I am not in an area where people will be constantly walking by or interrupting – look for a low traffic area if you can. Last, always make sure you are near an outlet where you can plug in your light, airbrush, etc. You have an extension cord just in case though, right?

Organizing Your Makeup Kit

Having your kit organized before you leave is so important to help with your timing. If you know where all your products are, you won’t be wasting time looking around for the products you need.  My favorite way to do this is labels!  Label everything so you know exactly what the product is.  Another game changer is setting up your station the same way and in the same order as you organized your kit.  Tip:  I do this based on how I typically work on my client –  Skincare, Eyes, Skin, Lips, Setting sprays.

Makeup Safety And Sanitation

These days as we are being extra cautious, make sure you are packing your kit with everything you need for sanitization.  When you are on set or on location you don’t know who was using what prior to you being there.  I wipe everything down with disinfectant wipes and lay down a towel (paper towels will work too) before I open my bag and lay out my products. Make sure you have a garbage bag handy so you can immediately discard disposables you have used on clients too. Another important thing to remember with multiple clients at once is to make sure you have extra sets of everything… especially during covid times. Extra brushes and disposable items like cotton swabs are a must!

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