Building Strong Client Relationships As A Makeup Artist

Why Client Relationships Are Important

Having a good relationship with your clients makes them comfortable to give you feedback and be open about what they want. Creating this safe space to let them express their opinions is key to achieving that perfect look for them. The more comfortable your client feels, the better you will be able to do your job. A bonus to making sure your client has this positive experience is that they are more likely to refer you. No matter how great you are at makeup, your clients will remember most how you make them feel. If you do great makeup AND make them feel amazing – that is what turns them from a one time client into a repeat client and someone who always wants to refer you to their friends and family!

Listen To Your Makeup Client

Listening is the most important thing you can do for your client. What is their story? What experiences or ideas are they imagining for their big day?  I love to hear about their life, what they enjoy doing, and how they spend their time.  It gives you a sense of who they are.  You always want that to reflect in their makeup and how they show up. The more you are able to listen to your client and get to know them, the better you will be able to give them just the look they want and make them feel like the best version of themself!

When Your Client Doesn’t Know What They Want

Ok. You listened but didn’t get much. Now what? Clients don’t always know what they want. One way to get a sense of their style is to ask for inspiration photos. This gives you a good idea of looks they like and that’s a good place to start. Of course, sometimes they show pictures of what they think they like and in the end, after the consultation (aka the listening part), I learn it’s really not what they want. If I feel like the photos aren’t matching up to what we talk about, I will take the inspiration photos and ask for specifics within the photo that they like. For example, they may the lip color but the rest is not what they are looking for. Or a certain eye shadow and lashes caught their eye but the overall look is not their style. Asking for these specifics can help you get to the right look for your client.  It always helps to ask your clients to show you inspiration photos of people that have similar hair and eye color as them. A look on a brown eyed, brown hair woman is going to look different than that same look on a blonde woman with blue eyes. 

It’s Not Personal!

During your consultation, always keep the conversation open.  Make sure they are talking more than you so you can get their feedback! Ask for their opinion as you try different looks and let them know it won’t hurt your feelings if they don’t like it. It’s never personal! Every woman is unique and so is her look. Our job is to make our clients feel beautiful and like the best versions of themselves. The only way to make them feel this way is if they give you honest feedback during your consultation. 

Questions To Ask Your Makeup Clients

There are a few things I ask every client during our consultations and trials. These questions help me determine how to build their personal look.

  1. Ask what their everyday makeup routine is.  Although they usually want to glam it up some, knowing what they do every day gives you an idea on where to start. Now you can give them that enhanced version of themselves.  Knowing their everyday makeup routine gives you a clear idea of their comfort level too. How you would do makeup for someone who doesn’t wear makeup daily vs someone who wears foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, and lashes daily is very different. Take this into consideration when making recommendations during your trial.
  2. Ask them what they are wearing. Even if most of your clients are brides, don’t assume they are wearing a traditional wedding dress. Ask to see the dress or a picture of it. Not only will this give you a sense of their style and their vision for the day, but it will also help you envision the whole look. If I’m doing a trial on a bride I also recommend she do her hair trial that day and bring her veil/headpiece if she’s wearing one so the whole look comes together. 
  3. Show them the process along the way and tell them the steps you take to achieve their look.  Never wait until the end to show them the final look. You can make corrections along the way if they do not like any part of it. Typically I start with eyes. Once eyes are done I show them to make sure the direction we are going is what they envisioned. Don’t forget to start light. It’s so much easier to add on product then remove it.

Do These 3 Things to Build Great Client Relationships (even if you don’t do anything else)

You can build a great relationship with almost any client if you just remember these 3 things:

  • Listen to your client – think of this as a collaboration. Get to know them and their style.
  • Be flexible – be ready to make changes if your client doesn’t love something.
  • Make them feel amazing – your client should be completely satisfied with their look before they leave!

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