Ageless Beauty: Skincare & Makeup Routines

As a makeup artist and a 40-something woman myself, I know about beauty and aging and am learning more every day! Age is just a number and it will never define us. Now more than ever the beauty industry is realizing this and redefining what beauty means. Being beautiful no longer equates with being young. It means looking like the best version of yourself at every age. The beauty industry needed to adjust and this redefinition of beauty is gaining traction and options for skincare and makeup products for older women have never been better. I love seeing this shift happen!

Looking good in our 40s, 50s, and beyond doesn’t mean looking like we are in our 20s! Looking and feeling good for the age you are at is the goal. The old message: Don’t get older! The message now: Celebrate your beauty at every age! 

Celebrating our beauty at every age does mean as we get older we will most likely need to change our skincare and makeup products. What worked great for us in our 20s is not typically what works in our 40s and beyond. As we age our skin naturally changes and over time the products we use should change too. To love how we look as we age, we need to use products that work for the way we are now. 

Beauty At Any Age: Your Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin becomes more important as we age. As your skin matures it loses the ability to keep that dewiness we all naturally have when we’re younger. This means hydration and a good skincare routine becomes a top priority for feeling and looking good.

First, make sure to keep your skin hydrated! Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day has never had so much effect on your skin as it does now. Also, always do your skincare routine before applying any makeup. For an easy pre-makeup routine, I like to use eye cream and moisturizer – these are non-negotiable!  For drier skin, I like to add oil or serum as well. Prepping your skin will make makeup application so much easier.  

Beauty At Any Age: Your Makeup Routine

One easy way to switch up your makeup routine as you age is to use cream based products instead of powder when you can. Powder can make wrinkles more defined and make dry skin even drier so try to avoid them in your makeup routine. 

When applying foundation, use a hydrating one and concentrate on keeping it light, just to even out skin tone. A creamy under eye concealer should be used under eyes and inner corners to combat dark circles. Avoid too much product on the outer corner of eyes where you may have more wrinkles. Foundations and concealers can accentuate wrinkles rather than hide them so it is best to just leave that area alone if you can. 

Also, no matter how well you care for your skin you may find it looking a little dull. To help with this, add a blush to bring color back into your skin.  You can add it to the apples of your cheek instead of in an upwards motion to bring a little color to your face. Another trick I love to add warmth back into the skin is to add a warm tone bronzer all over the skin.  Ideally, go with a shade warmer than your foundation color.

Something you may overlook is the power of using a great mascara! As we age we lose eyelashes and a clumpy mascara only enhances the sparse lashes you may have. What mascara is intended to do is spread your lashes and add thickness and length. So find a great mascara to do that – often the mascara you’ve used for the last 20 years won’t do that!

Paying extra attention to your brows is important as you age too. They frame your face and help give you that finished look.  Make sure to pencil in anywhere that has thinned out.  This happens as we get older and often over tweezing in the past plays a part in them thinning out. 

Last, adding a setting spray to your makeup routine is a must. Give your face a light spray after you complete your makeup. It will help to further hydrate and moisten your skin. You can use it throughout the day to freshen up too!

Beauty At Any Age

My best advice at any age is that there are no wrongs with makeup! Do what makes YOU feel beautiful. Use these tips to update your ageless beauty routine and to make your skincare and makeup routine work best for you!

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