Beauty Hacks For Busy Moms

Beauty Hacks For Busy Moms

As a mom, I know it’s hard to find extra time. It can seem impossible most days to do anything for yourself. As an esthetician and makeup artist, I also know it’s so important to most of us to look and feel good! So what can you do?

Here are my beauty hacks for busy moms. I promise they don’t take much time and will make a world of difference to make you feel good and help you age beautifully!

Everyday Skincare Essentials In Under 5 Minutes

Taking these few steps to care for your skin will go a long way in maintaining a beautiful complexion. These are the non negotiables when it comes to skincare for the 35+ crowd:

  • Use SPF everyday to protect your skin. TIP:  find a bb or cc cream or even a moisturizer that has an SPF in it so you don’t need to add an extra step.
  • Use Retinol. It’s a game changer! TIP: Start out slow using it once a week and slowly add in additional days.
  • Use a vitamin C serum. It will lighten and brighten your skin and leave your skin looking great!

Everyday Makeup In Under 5 Minutes

Okay, okay, I know many of you are saying – “Who has time for makeup?’ I get it but these two things take under 5 minutes and will make you feel so good about the way you look! My everyday makeup non negotiables:

  • Color correct under your eyes – as we age the dark circles typically get worse.  One thing I always do is color correct under my eyes. It brightens your whole face and makes you look more awake, even if you’re not!
  • Sculpt your brows – as we age our brows typically get more sparse (remember when thin brows were in?). Fill in your brows every morning to frame your face. It will make you look more youthful!

More Beauty Hacks For My Mom Friends

  1. Always wash your face before bed – this is a must! Not washing your face will mean you need to spend more time fixing your skin. This 2 minute nightly ritual will actually save you time and money. 
  1. Make Sundays a day to do one “self care” thing for your skin. Do something you don’t have time for during the week.  Exfoliate, do a mask, get a facial, sleep. Pick whatever works best for you that week!
  1. Say goodbye to nail polish! Natural nails are in and there’s nothing worse than seeing your toenail polish growing out or a new chip in your fingernail polish. Keep them manicured and bare and eliminate all that work!
  1. If you love long full eyelashes, consider getting extensions. I do this myself and love it! No need to curl and apply mascara every day. They are a wakeup and go item that make your eyes pop with zero effort!
  1. Woke up with puffy eyes? No problem, we’ve all been there! Use a frozen spoon to help de-puff. Place the cold spoon under your eye for a few minutes. The coldness will help bring the puffiness down.
  1. Find some good multi use makeup products that will save you time when you want a little extra.  A few I love are:

Tata Harper Cheek Tint – use it on cheeks AND lips!

NYX Wonder Stick – use to BOTH highlight and contour!

Did these beauty tips and hacks help you? Let me know on Instagram which one is your favorite!

Disclosure: I only recommend products I use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that are no additional cost to you, but I may earn a small commission.

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