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7 Common Makeup Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Makeup can be fun and a great confidence booster! There are mistakes that we all make from time to time though that can make us look washed out or even older. Especially, if we don’t change up our makeup routine as we age. What worked for us in college is not necessarily our best look in our 30s and beyond. To help you avoid those mistakes, here’s my list of the top 7 makeup mistakes that I see and how you can fix them:

1. Not Prepping Your Skin Before Makeup

I know I talk about skincare a lot here but it is the most essential step.  Having a good skincare routine before you apply your makeup will make all the difference in your final result. Remember good skin is the best foundation for your makeup!  For an easy pre-makeup routine, I like to use an eye cream and a moisturizer  after I wash my face.  For drier skin, you can add an oil or a serum too. Prepping your skin will make makeup application so much easier. 

2. Too Much Highlighter

Highlighter can look stunning and really finish a look as long as it is not overdone.  Make sure to use just a little on the high points of your cheeks, inner corners of the eyes, under your cheekbones, and sometimes a little dusting on your nose or above your cupid’s bow can look beautiful.  Choose to apply it to just a few of those areas and not all of them – especially if you are being photographed as you don’t want to be too shiny on camera.

3. Neglecting To Use Corrector

Most women 35+ or older need to use a color corrector under our eyes to cancel out the dark circles.  It should be applied under your concealer.  Use a peachy tone to color correct and then add your favorite concealer on top. This is why using an eye cream, as I mentioned above, is important in your skincare routine. Your color corrector and concealer will go on so much smoother and will be easier to blend. 

4. Correct Product Placement

Product placement is always important, but even more so as we age.  Blush and contour placement are two of the most important ones. You want to make sure they are put exactly where they should be.  

Blush should be applied in an upwards motion along your cheekbones while you relax your face. Don’t smile when applying!  Contour should be placed in the hollow of your cheekbones. How far you go toward the center of the face depends on your face shape! For round faces, you can go further in towards your nose and with longer faces you might not want to go in with the contour as far.

5. Overpowdering

Often I will see makeup that is overpowered and can become caked. In more mature women, this makes their wrinkles more prominent than they really are.  Using a finely milled powder on the areas of your face (t-zone) that you don’t want to see shine is enough to get the affect you want without highlighting wrinkles 

6. Filling In Eyebrows Too Dark

Although full brows are a big trend right now, avoid making them too dark. Having a manicured brow helps frame your face and can make your eyes pop but you don’t want your brows to take center stage.  Make sure they are filled for thickness as opposed to darkness. Using a color as close to your natural brow color is best. 

7. Using The Wrong Foundation Shade

Using the wrong foundation shade can make you look washed out or worse like you have an unnatural skin tone. To find the shade that works best for you, first test it on your face, not on your hand or other parts of your body. Our skin tones can differ slightly on our body and you want a foundation that matches your face. 

Also, make sure to test it in different lightings. Some common places to test are inside the house, outside during the day, and at night.  It may seem like a lot but you want to make sure it is right for your skin tone. If it blends well in all 3 lightings then it’s a good match for you. There’s nothing worse than the line on your jawline that is completely different than the rest of your body color.  Also, keep in mind this can change as the seasons change – many will need a shade or too darker in the summer months, especially if you spend a lot of time out in the sun.

Did you make any of these mistakes? I’ve even made a few of these in my past! DM me on Instagram and let me know which tips helped you the most. 

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